Valley West Refuse Auto-Pay

WHY Valley West Refuse AUTO-PAY?

Save Time - Save the time it takes to write and mail your payment check.

Rest Assured - Rest assured knowing your payment will arrive on time and that you'll never face a late payment charge as long as sufficient funds are in your account, available for withdrawal.

Save Money - Save the expense of postage and possible check-writing fees.


With Valley West Refuse Auto-Pay you can arrange to have your payment drafted from your personal checking or savings account automatically. It makes paying your bill as easy and convenient as possible, because we do it for you.

To sign up for Valley West Refuse Auto-Pay simply fill out and sign the printable Authorization Agreement to draft, from your account, the amount due from your bill. Drop off or mail in the completed, signed Authorization Agreement containing a VOIDED check or savings account deposit slip to the following address:

Valley West Refuse Disposal, Inc.
PO Box 5187
Aloha, OR 97006

You will know when you are set up with Valley West Refuse Auto-Pay when your statement displays "AUTOPAY - DO NOT PAY." Until you see this on your bill, continue making payments the old fashioned way.

Click here to view and print the Authorization Agreement document!

My bill can be different each month. How will I know what is being taken out of my account?
You will receive a detailed statement from Valley West Refuse, Inc. showing you the charges you owe for in the statement period. You will receive this bill prior to the automatic payment being drafted from your account. You will have time to review the statement and call our office with any questions or concerns you might have at 503.649.5252.

When are the funds taken from my account?
The payment amount due is withdrawn on the 15th day of the month. If the 15th falls on a weekend, the withdraw takes place the first business day following a weekend.

I won’t have a canceled check. How will I prove I made a payment?
Your bank statement will show the date of the automatic payment and the exact amount.

Is there any risk with Valley West Refuse Auto-Pay?

Valley West Refusel Auto-Pay is less risky than making a payment by mail. It can’t be lost and undelivered and it is very accurate and quick.

What if my payment is rejected?

Payments may be rejected by a financial institution for insufficient funds, closed accounts, or other reasons. If your payment is rejected for any reason, we reserve the right to charge a $30 Non Sufficient Funds fee on your next statement. We may also discontinue your participation in the Valley West Refuse Auto-Pay program if your payment is rejected more than once in a twelve-month period. Your financial institution may also charge fees for rejected payments.

How do I discontinue participation in this program?
If you find auto-pay is not for you, simply write us a letter or email us at

Where do I find my bank’s routing number?

Your checks have the routing number printed on them along with your account number. If you are unsure of these numbers or are using a savings account call your financial institution for verification. Remember to send in a voided, blank check or a savings account deposit slip so we can verify the routing and account number information.

What if my financial institution information changes?

If you need to update your financial institution information, please check the “UPDATE INFORMATION” box on a new Authorization Agreement, fill out the Agreement and mail it in. You can get an Agreement form at our office location or download it from our website at or call and request a form and we can mail you a form.