Severe Weather Information



Valley West Refuse will always attempt to service its customers at all times. If the weather is severe and creates unsafe working conditions then our policy is to attempt to safely reach as many customers as possible. We will update this page with a "collection status" when severe weather is present and we have temporarily fallen behind.

Below are some general guidlines for delays in service

Garbage and Roll Cart Recycling Collection: If on a severe weather day you find that your garbage or commingle recycling has not been collected, please leave it out or have it back at the curbside before 6am the following day. If you are unable to keep your garbage out the additional day then we will service the additional waste or recycling on the next normal pickup day (at no additional cost). Please follow the extra garbage prepartion guidelines to assure proper service.

Yard Debris Collection: If we are unable to collect yard debris on a severe weather day and you find that your cart appears to have not been emptied, please remove your cart from the curbside and set it out on the next normal pickup day. If you have additional yard debris for the following week, please prepare your extras according to the yard debris extras guidelines and we will service the extras at no additional cost.

Red Bin Recycling: If we are unable to collect your red bin recyclables and oil on a severe weather day, please remove your recyclables from the curbside and set them out on the next normal pickup day.


Collection Status:


Special Instructions:
Due to incliment weather, if your service is missed please leave it out for next day pickup. If we are unable to pick it up next day, please put it out next regular service day. There will be no charge for extras.

Any changes made to this schedule will be udated here. If you have any questions or concerns please call the office at 503-649-5252.
Thank you