Recycling Christmas trees and wreaths
We urge our customers to participate in one of the many local, nonprofit organizations that offer pickup services or locations where you can take Christmas trees and wreaths to be recycled. They may charge a small fee or request a donation. Nonprofit organizations provide this service as a fundraiser for many worthwhile projects and as a community service. Dumping trees after sites are closed creates hardship for the groups having to handle them. Please be considerate. All nonprofit groups accept trees at least one day on the weekend.

Residents with curbside yard debris collection service can recycle their trees in their yard debris carts at no additional charge. Please follow the guidelines on tree preparation as stated below to assure your tree can be picked up and processed.

Preparation Guidelines
It is important to remove all lights, wire, tinsel, ornaments, nails, stands and other materials that are not part of the original tree. Most trees are ground up as part of the recycling process; foreign material can ruin a chipping machine.

Cut trees into pieces small enough to fit in yard debris cart and set out on yard debris day (every other week -click here to see the calendar for your yard debris pick up schedule). Please do not stuff the tree into the cart or leave portions sticking up above the lid - the lid must be closed. No tinsel, ornaments or stands. Flocked trees are acceptable.

Christmas wreaths and swags can be recycled with trees. All frames and wire must be removed.

Additionally, you can cut your tree up and gather it in a bundle - see KRAFT BAG or BUNDLE click here to observe the kraft bag or bundle preparation guidlines.

NOTE: If you place your tree at the streetside for collection without proper preparation you will be charged a $2 PER FOOT fee.