Service Options: Valley West Refuse offers a variety of roll-off options to meet most needs. Open top boxes, covered 30 yard boxes are available from our inventory. In addition to our open top and covered box rentals we also haul customer owned and maintained refuse and recycling compactors. Call 503.649.5252 for more information on covered boxes and compactor hauling.

Pick up frequency: ON CALL; call by 3pm, Monday-Thursday, and receive next day service. Friday orders are processed the following Monday.

How to order: Call 503.649.5252 and a Customer Service Representative will assist you in placing your order.

Billing Process: There are 8 components to the billing process:
1.Delivery Fee 2. Haul fee 3. Disposal fee 4. Demurrage fee (if applicable) 5. Non-compliant materials fee (if applicable) 6. Mileage Fee 7. Environmental Fee (if appllicable) 8. Prepay

  • DELIVERY FEE is a one time fee charged for the delivery of each box
  •  HAUL FEE is a flat rate dictated by the size of the drop box and it's delivery location.
  • DISPOSAL FEE is the rate per ton of material in the drop box.This rate varies dependant upon the type of materials placed in the box. This rate is established by the waste recovery facilities.Call for more information.
  • DEMURRAGE FEE is an additional fee assessed for holding a drop box longer than the stated number of days in the original contract. The amount stated below is compounded daily.
  • NON-COMPLIANT MATERIALS FEE is added in when prohibited items are found in the drop box. All loads are subject to inspection. See "Prohibited Items" below for a list of prohibited materials.
  • MILEAGE FEE is the posted dollar amount per mile from the customer's site to the disposal facility (one way only, rounded to the closest mile.)
  • ENVIRONMENTAL FEE is added by the disposal facility based on tonnage. This rate is established by the waste recovery facility. Call for more information.
  • PREPAY All fees are deducted from the prepay.  If all fees are less than the prepay, a refund check will be issued to the customer.  If all fees are greater than the prepay, a bill will be issued for the additional expenses.
All rates are subject to change without notice and may vary from the published City & County rates. Please call for verification.

OPEN TOP DROP BOX MATERIALS: Drop box loads can be "generalized" into three categories. 1. Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) or "wet" garbage 2. Construction and Demolition (C&D) 3. Clean Recyclables

  • MUNICIPAL SOLID WASTE (MSW) loads are uncommon, but necessary from time to time. These loads can have the highest cost of disposal. These loads consists of wet garbage (food waste) or materials that have come into contact with wet garbage and are considered non-recyclable.
  • CONSTRUCTION AND DEMOLITION (C&D) loads are the most common. These loads generally consist of wood, metals, concrete, roofing materials and general construction materials. These loads are subject to additional charges if they are contaminated with prohibited materials. See "Prohibited Items" below for a list of prohibited materials.
  • CLEAN RECYCLABLES are loads containing "clean" products such as scrap wood (free of hangers/nails), yard debris and concrete without rebar. If these loads are kept "clean" they can be the lowest cost of disposal.
PROHIBITED ITEMS FOR "C&D" AND "CLEAN RECYCLABLE" LOADS: Food waste, diapers, human or animal waste, paints, thinners, wood stains, solvents, caustic ammunition, explosives, batteries, pesticides or any other toxic or hazardous substance (containers or contents). NO COMPUTERS, MONITORS or TVs. As of January 1, 2010, Oregon law prohibits the disposal of computers, monitors and TVs in the garbage or at disposal sites such as landfills, transfer stations and incinerators. The Oregon E-Cycles program provides FREE recycling of computers, monitors and televisions to anyone with seven or fewer items to recycle at a time. For more information and participating collection sites near you call 1.888.532.9253 or visit WWW.OREGONECYCLES.ORG


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