Garbage cart street side placement Information

Place your garbage cart either on the curb edge closest to the street or in the street back against the curb with the lid opening facing the street. Please observe the following clearance criteria to assure your carts are serviced and that the possibility of property damage is minimized.

  • 18 feet of overhead clearance for your garbage cart(s) is essential as the service vehicles lift the carts overhead to remove the contents.
  • 5 feet of space in between each cart and recycle bin/container allows the service vehicle enough space to lower the pickup arm in between each cart. Without this space the arm is unable to reach around the cart.
  • 18 feet of space between the cart and any tree, automobile or basketball hoop assures that the mechanical arm or cart does not come into contact with any object that could sustain serious damage.
  • 5 feet of space between the cart and any mailbox(es) prevents the mechanical arm from damaging the mailbox.