Roll Cart Recycling - "Commingling"
Place all these products together in your recycling roll cart; bag only scrap and shredded paper.


Due to safety concerns and contamination from broken glass, DO NOT place glass in the recycle roll carts!


[picture of stack of newspapers][picture of stack of magazines]Newspapers & Magazines: Just toss them into the recycle roll cart.

[picture of flattened cardboard boxes]Corrugated Cardboard: Flatten boxes and toss into the recycle roll cart. For large boxes, flatten, bundle and place next to recycle roll cart- stack no larger than 3 x 3 wide. Do not include wax-coated cardboard.

[picture of brown paper bag filled with paper]Scrap Paper (Scrap paper includes: unwanted mail, envelopes, fax paper, greeting cards, paper egg cartons, paper tubes, and cereal boxes). Place scrap paper into a brown paper bag and toss into the
recycle roll cart. Please secure the material to prevent it from blowing out. Do not include tissue paper, paper towels, or paper coated with food, wax, foil, or plastic.


[picture of milk carton]
Milk Cartons & Drink Boxes:
Rinse clean, drip dry and toss into
the recycle roll cart. Do not include the plastic straw that comes with drink boxes.

[picture of steel can]Metal Cans (including aluminum and tin/steel food cans). Rinse clean and toss it into the recycle roll cart (paper labels OK).

[picture of aerosol cans]

Aerosol Cans: Empty the can through normal use, remove and discard the plastic cap and toss the can into the recycle roll cart. For safety do not flatten the can, puncture the can, or remove the nozzle.

Scrap Metal: Scrap metal includes foil, bolts, hangers, and other all metal objects. Place all metal which is smaller than 36 inches long and less than 30 lbs into the recycle roll cart. Do not include metal that is contaminated with plastic, food, or other non-metal materials.

[picture of plastic bottles]

Rigid Plastic Containers and Bottles:
- Remove and discard all lids.
All containers must be rinsed clean, removing all food, soil, or drink residue.

Rigid plastic containers and bottles include:
- Plastic bottles and tubs 6 oz or larger - discard lids and caps
- Milk containers—do not crush or flatten - discard lids
Tubs - No Lids
- Margarine/butter tubs
- Cottage cheese/yogurt tubs
- Rigid buckets 5-gallons or less - with or without a handle OK
- Rigid plastic plant pots 4" or larger

- Plastics that have come into contact with motor oil, pesticide, or herbicide.
- Plastic bags, plastic films, zipper plastic bags, or bubble wrap
- Blister packaging—tough, clear, molded plastic packaging
- Take-out food containers or clear deli/bakery containers
- Individual-serving containers smaller than 6 oz—applesauce or pudding cups

- Children's plastic toys