Service Options: Yard debris collection (1, 60 gallon cart) is part of our "standard" garbage collection service plan. However, if you need an additional cart call us at 503.649.5252 and order another at an additional cost. Will-call customers can request yard debris collection service. This added service is subject to additional charges. Please call us for more information.

Pick up frequency: EVERY OTHER WEEK; same day as garbage collection. Please have your yard debris cart at the curbside before 6 am the day of service. Please note: If temperatures drop near or below freezing the yard debris may freeze in the cart. When this happens we will delay the start time for several hours to allow the carts to warm up.

When Is Collection Day? Yard debris collection weeks are RED WEEKS only as defined by the "Recycling and Yard Debris Service Calendar." You will set your yard debris cart out on the red weeks of the "Recycling and Yard Debris Calendar" on the same day of the week your garbage is collected. Click on the link below to view the "Recycling and Yard Debris Calendar."


Curbside Placement: Click here for an illustration showing proper placement of your yard debris cart.

Preparation Guidelines - what goes in the cart?

Leaves, weeds and grass clippings. Prunings and branches are acceptable so long as they are no greater than 4" in diameter and less than 36" in length.

What to keep out
DO NOT INCLUDE dirt, sod, stumps, metal, rocks, ashes, food waste, plastic, household garbage, lumber or animal wastes.

How much yard debris can I put in my container?
It is important not to overload your yard debris cart. Overloading may not allow the materials to fall freely from the cart when tipped. Please keep all materials well inside the cart. The maximum weight of the yard debris cart should not exceed 120 pounds.

Prunings or branches sticking out of the cart may not allow the vehicle to dump the cart contents. Additionally, grass clippings that sit for an extended period of time will have a tendency to begin decomposing causing them to lodge into the cart. Simply turn the clippings over inside the cart with a shovel or long-handled cultivator to break them up.

More yard debris than container? Here's what you can do.
When you have excess yard debris you may bundle branches and prunings or place clippings in a kraft paper bag and set it out with your yard debris. There is an additional fee for each bag/bundle. Please contact our office for information on services, rates and specific instructions. Please do not use plastic bags. Your hauler will not be able to pick them up.
KRAFT BAG: Usually a 30 gallon kraft "brown" paper bag that is available for purchase at most garden centers. Please keep the weight under 45 pounds.
BUNDLE: Make certain materials are smaller than 36" long and less than 4" in diameter. Tie the bundle with string or twine. Please keep the weight of each bundle under 45 pounds and the bundle less than 16" in diameter. Do not use wire, plastic ties or tape to secure your bundles.

Please follow the preparation guidelines to ensure that your yard debris will be collected. In the event that their is a challenge with your yard debris preparation your hauler may leave a Mispreparation Notice as described below.
Mispreparation Notice

On occasion you may find a mispreparation notice from your hauler. This notice means that the hauler needs your assistance to properly recycle your yard debris materials. Often you can correct the mispreparation and your hauler will pick the materials on the next yard debris collection day. If you have specific questions regarding the mispreparation notice - contact us at 503.649.5252.